Artist ○ Writer ○ Campaigner ○ Photographer




AIER G PRYNE is a creative practitioner specialising in two-dimensional media including acrylic paint, digital photography and written work. In addition, PRYNE has a penchant for involving herself in activist activities hoping to help shape a more harmonious society.


Born in England during 1994, ⓂAIER GARGONI PRYNE was raised in Surrey where she grew up admiring the verdant rolling hills and olden cobbled streets of her hometown, Farnham. In this tranquil location, PRYNE had time during childhood to train her imagination, something which, combined with the soothing surrounding geography, greatly influenced PRYNE’S continuous love for beautiful imagery.

As a young adult PRYNE began gravitating towards urbanism, and eventually left her countryside household – in 2015 – to study in London. The city provided PRYNE with confidence to discuss her burning observations about the continuously changing world, including topics about contemporary ethics. These stimulating conversations slowly seeped into PRYNE’S main discourse, adding a more politically aware pinch to her artistic experiments and penned projects.